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Tip: If you notice a page that you think may include a template that you might like to use, click on the top edit link then look below the Save page buttons for a list of the templates that have been used in that page. Clicking on a Template link will take you to the templates page. Often the template page will include some instructions on its Talk page on how to incorporate the template into your own content.

Location of the list of templates used a page.

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Tip: If the content of a template is fairly complex (ie typically sympbols like =, &, #, +) you may need to specify 1= directly before your content. An example using the Objective template follows:
 {{Objectives|My objective is to show that an =  can break templates.

would need to be changed to

{{Objectives|1=My objective is to show that an = can break templates. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If there is anything you would like to know more about regarding this tutorial, check out the FAQs below in case someone else has had the same question. If your question is not already covered on this page please add it to the talk page under an appropriate subject or post your question on the main WikiEducator google group.