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The following examples show how you can customise a variety of iDevice templates so that they are more appropriate for your content. You can cut and paste the examples into the Template Properties dialog box's text area or directly into the edit area when in wikitext mode.

Wiki Syntax for changing the title:

{{Activity|Title=Workshop Activities|Text for your activity goes here. You can add bullet lists
* first bullet
* second bullet}}


Icon activity.jpg
Workshop Activities
Text for your activity goes here. You can add bullet lists
  • first bullet
  • second bullet

Wiki Syntax for custom margins

There are occasions when you would like to change the margins around your template. The following syntax increases the top and bottom margins around the template to 50 px.



Icon objectives.jpg

Wiki Syntax for adding your template to the table of contents:

{{Web_Resources|[[Main Page|]]|TOCdepth=3}}


Web Resources

Icon inter.gif

Web Resources

Wiki Syntax for visible feedback

*Activity One
|feedback=Visible feedback can go here


Icon activity.jpg
  • Activity One


Wiki Syntax for hidden feedback:

{{Reflection2|Content=Relection content goes here. |Feedback=hidden feedback goes here }}


Icon reflection.gif


Wiki Syntax for making your template content collapsible:

There are occasions you would like to be able to hide the content of a template. The following wiki syntax allows you to collapse the content area.

{{Objectives2|collapsible=collapsible |Content=Collapsible content go here }}


Icon objectives.jpg Objectives
Collapsible objectives go here

More customisation information can be found on the specific template pages. You can see a list of all the available iDevice Templates here.

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