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Adding images into the wiki is generally a two step process:

  1. enter the image syntax;
  2. upload the image.

Additional attributes can be added to the basic image syntax to shrink large images into thumbnails that users can click on to get greater detail, or to add a frame and captions to images.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If there is anything you would like to know more about regarding this tutorial, check out the FAQs below in case someone else has had the same question. If your question is not already covered on this page please add it to the talk page under an appropriate subject or post your question on the main WikiEducator google group.

How can I import an image from the web?

Assuming you have the right to do so (see the earlier section in this tutorial on licenses, you can save a copy to your local disk and then upload it to a wiki.

What is the maximum file size for a media clip that can be inserted?

The current maximum file size is 2 MB.

Can I link to an external image and still have it displayed on the wiki page?

Yes, the image itself should have a URL, for example:

If you cut and paste the above url into the Paste as Plain Text dialog box (accessed via the Paste button on the Rich Editor toolbar) and preview, it will display as:

Is it possible to embed an image which resides on another web site without uploading it to the WikiEducator site?

In addition to the method described in response to the last question, you can use images from Wikimedia Commons directly. See the earlier section in this tutorial on using an image from Wikimedia Commons.

Is it possible to hyperlink an image so that if clicked on it takes you to a specified page instead of the image details?

Yes, but you will need to use wikitext mode to do so because the Rich Editor does not yet have this feature. The wikitext for this type of link is:

[[Image:L4C-small.png|link=Learning4Content|alt=link to L4C|100px]]

which displays as:

link to L4C

If you click on the image (go ahead, try it), the main Learning4Content page displays. Note that you will not be able to use the Thumbnail, Fame or Border options with this feature. For more information see linking to wiki pages.

What license options are acceptable?

See the earlier page on acceptable licenses.

What does the statement look like after adding the phrase suggested in the tutorial to treat floating?

If you are having problems with the formatting of your images floating over other elements in your page, try adding this syntax after your image:


You can do this using the insert/edit template button to open the template properties dialog box, then cut and paste the wiki syntax above into the text field.

How can I delete an image uploaded by mistake

The best way to do this is to edit the image's page (click on the edit tab) and add the Deletion template, {{Delete}}. This will alert the administrators about the need for the image to be deleted. See the Tips page, earlier in this tutorial, for how to add a template to a wiki page.