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Literacy in the world

  • By percentage (from the UN)
  • Stats for specific countries: Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Malawi, PNG, Solomons, Cameroon


Pilot Projects

Free Content for NGOs - Bangladesh

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Editing Content on Wikieducator

There are several ways that you can edit content on WikiEducator / WikiGovernance, including:

  • Take a tutorial - see WikiEducator's online tutorials.
  • Take an online course with facilitator support - to register for a course in your country, click here.
  • Use Open Office software to import content into WikiEducator - please see instructions at this link and below.

Using Open Office with WikiEducator

Open Office and Mediawiki working together
Open Office is an ideal way for new WikiEducators to get started with content development right away. It is also a great way to develop content offline, especially for users who don't have a reliable or slow connections to the Internet.

Open Office is a word processor distributed as free software. Version 2.3 (and later) has a feature to export files in the Mediawiki format. This makes editing of first drafts considerably easier.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Saves time in learning wiki syntax - get started right away!
  • Allows you to work offline
  • Great way to create tables with a familiar word processing interface
  • Opportunity to experiment with free software tools
  • Does not support more advanced features of wiki text
  • Does not upload images to Wikieducator
  • When working in Open Office, you lose the ability to collaborate online with other WikiEducators

from BC Government

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