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We're starting off with bios from the users of COLLaGE -


Last Name First Name Organisation Position / Role Interests (including collaborative & facilitative interests) Country Contact info
Sabrin Tasvea Ward Youth Citizen Forum Secretary how to initiate learning on governance for them and especially for the youth women Bangladesh sveasabrin at yahoo dot com
Chabra Samir University of London (on leave from Public Service of Canada) TBA Public Service Renewal UK / Canada seekingsamir at gmail dot com
Khokan Rafiqul Rupantar Director (1) Developing :learning materials for the Local Elected Bodies in Bangladesh, specifically for the Union Parishads and Municipality; (2) Popular Learning Materials for the semi-literate people Bangladesh khokanrafiq at yahoo dot com
Kovach Maggie University of Saskatchewan Professor (1) Aboriginal research methodologies and frameworks; (2) Aboriginal Higher Learning with a specific focus on post-secondary education. Canada m dot kovach at usask dot ca
Lister Sarah UNDP Officer TBA TBA sarah dot lister at undp dot org
Munro Tanyss Commonwealth of Learning Education Specialist, Governance Developing educational materials and models for governance in LDCS and MFS Canada tmunro at col dot org
Prasad Anil Government of Kerala (Finance Department) Manager Administrative Reforms, eGovernance and ODL initiatives India apletters at gmail dot com
Srinivasan Ramakrishnan Organisation TBA Professor, English Experiential learning and performance research in traditonal disciplines like Tantra. Spends leasure in herbal gardening. Loves Indian Classical Music.Writes in five languages: Sanskrit, Hindi, English, Kannada and Malayalam. India d dot ramakrishnan2 at gmail dot com