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Participating in the COLLaGE Discussion on Google Groups

COLLaGE Screenshot1.jpg

(Comment.gif: This discussion group takes place on Google - you do not need a Google email address to register, or to receive email notices. However, if you want to post - and actively contribute to the discussions - you will need to create a Google email address. (Think about an appropriate UserName / Password combination.)

Two Options to Join (choose one please)

Option 1

1. Send an email to Tanyss Munro - tmunro AT col DOT org - requesting to join the COLLaGE Discussion Group. Please provide the following information....and Tanyss will register you directly:

  • Name (First, Last)
  • Position / Title
  • Institution / Organization
  • How you found out about COLLaGE
  • What specifically you are interested in:
  • What you would like to learn and/ or collaborate on...

You will receive posts from the COLLaGE Community - please actively contribute and participate in the discussion.

Option 2

2. Register directly to Join the COLLaGE Community

  • Visit the COLLaGE Group -
  • Click "Join" - if you do not have a Google Email address, you may be prompted to create one. (You will find this on the right side of the page (see Screenshot below).
  • If you do not have a Google email account, you will be prompted to sign up for one
  • Choose a UserName / Password combination that you can remember...
  • ...then, simply follow the steps to "Join the COLLaGE Community".

COLLaGE Screenshot1.jpg