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Please cast your votes by the close of business on 19 May, 2012 in your time zone

The WikiEducator community plans to setup a community-driven initiative to provide and support training including: wiki skills, creation and use of OER, open licensing, online learning, teaching, mentoring as well as promoting research on related topics by establishing a "WikiEducator" community college, with an appropriate name and open procedures to be determined by the community through open consultations in the wiki.

As a first step, this rough consensus poll seeks to gauge opinion on the scope of the proposed initiative and preferred name for the initiative based on submissions made by the community.

Some members have submitted their nominations directly in the wiki and others by replying to the relevant discussion threads, for example, Shall we establish a WikiEducator Community College? and WikiEducator Community College Poll and website. All the nominations received in via these lists have been inlcuded in the poll

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Key points
  • This is a rough consensus poll comprising three sections:
    • Opinion on the the scope of the proposed initiative
    • Opinion on the name (that is, whether the name should include the concept WikiEducator (or reference to WikiEducator)
    • Poll on the suggestions submitted by the community
  • Technology related instructions:
    • You will need a WikiEducator account and you must be logged in to cast your votes.
    • You must check the relevant options and click on the "Vote" or "Change my vote" button displayed below each option to record or change your vote.
    • If your login session has expired (e.g. no activity after a long period), you will not be able to vote or change your vote. Login to WikiEducator again.
    • You can change your vote at any time till the close of the poll.

Cast your vote regarding the proposed scope of the initiative

  1. Should the initiative be extended beyond wiki skills and WIkiEducator specific activities?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Undecided

Your opinion regarding specific reference to "WikiEducator" in the proposed name for the initiative

  1. Should the proposed name for this initiative include the concept WikiEducator (or reference to WikiEducator)?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Unsure

Your preferences for naming this initiative

The community submitted the following proposals for naming this initiative. Please indicate which of the following names you recommend. (You can select more than one option.)

  1. Which one of the following nominations (names) you chose to name the proposed WikiEducator Community College?
    1. Institute of Open Education (IOE)
    2. WikiEducator Institute of Open Education (WIOE)
    3. Open World College
    4. WikiEducator Open College
    5. WikiEducator Academy
    6. Open Education Academy
    7. International Academy in Open Education
    8. Open Academy 4 WikiEducators (OA4WE)
    9. Open College 4 WikiEducators (OC4WE)
    10. Global EduNet Academy
    11. WikiEducator People’s College
    12. WikiEducator People’s Institute
    13. WikiEducator People’s Academy
    14. WikiSkills Advancement Academy
    15. Educators Open Academy
    16. International Institute of Wikieducator Community
    17. Open Educational Resources (OER) Community College
    18. WikiEducator Life Long Learning College
    19. WikiEducator Open Academy
    20. College 4 WikiEducators (C4WE)
    21. Institute 4 WikiEducators (I 4 WE)
    22. Wikieducator Collaborative College (WC2)
    23. Wikieducator Institute for Open Skills (WINFOS)
    24. International Open Institute for WikiEducators
    25. Global Institute for WikiEducators (GIWE)
    26. Wiki Educators Learning Program
    27. Institute 4 Open WikiEducators (I 4 OWE)
    28. Wikieducator Open Learning Academy (WOLA)
    29. WikiEducator Institute for Open Learning
    30. WikiEducator Open Learning Community College