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The community poll will be activated once all suggestions for naming this initiative have been received. We will activate the actual poll for voting thereafter. We are planning to have the final decision by May 15, 2012.

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Please add your suggestion for naming this initiative by the close of your business on 10 May 2012 after which the collection of names below will be closed and no more name suggestions will be accepted.

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Web Resources

In case you are new to WikiEducator (WE) and would like to participate in this initiative, you will need to create a WikiEducator account, to be able to make any edits on WE. Here is a short video on how to create a WikiEducator Account

List of Nominations

  1. Shall we establish a WikiEducator Community College: What is the best name for this initiative?
    • Institute of Open Education (IOE)
    • WikiEducator Institute of Open Education (WIOE)
    • Open World College
    • WikiEducator Open College
    • WikiEducator Academy
    • Open Education Academy
    • International Academy in Open Education
    • Open Academy 4 WikiEducators (OA4WE)
    • Open College 4 WikiEducators (OC4WE)
    • Global EduNet Academy
    • WikiEducator People’s College
    • WikiEducator People’s Institute
    • WikiEducator People’s Academy
    • WikiSkills Advancement Academy
    • Educators Open Academy
    • International Institute of Wikieducator Community
    • Open Educational Resources (OER) Community College
    • WikiEducator Life Long Learning College
    • WikiEducator Open Academy
    • College 4 WikiEducators (C4WE)
    • Institute 4 WikiEducators (I 4 WE)
    • Wikieducator Collaborative College (WC2)
    • Wikieducator Institute for Open Skills (WINFOS)
    • International Open Institute for WikiEducators
    • Global Institute for WikiEducators (GIWE)
    • Wiki Educators Learning Program
    • Institute 4 Open WikiEducators (I 4 OWE)
    • Wikieducator Open Learning Academy (WOLA)
    • WikiEducator Institute for Open Learning
    • WikiEducator Open Learning Community College