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WikiEducator is a valuable and free resource for all educators. The project is closely linked with the OER Foundation's projects of promoting open education and learning for development throughout the world.

You Can Help WikiEducator Achieve its Goals of open-sourcing education

WikiEducator Works! We will work with you to ensure that your contribution/donation benefits our community, and we can get you involved to the extent that you want to be...

Contribute Financially

We welcome financial contributions to help us turn the digital divide into digital dividends.

Contribute / Donate Learning Materials

Are you an educator wishing to leave an enduring legacy? Do you know of someone who has created learning materials and wants them to be put to good use? We welcome your contribution / donation of learning materials for the WikiEducator community and the developing world Check out the valuable benefits!

Contribute Your Time

  • create a WikiEducator account (you'll need this for editing content on the wiki)
  • sign up for free wiki skills training
  • help out a specific Project with its needs or develop your own
  • join the ongoing discussions on one (or more) of our discussion groups / mailing lists
  • join a Cluster of Interest
  • keep your Country or Country News page current
  • actively seek donations or contributions of learning materials - from active or retired educators
  • build your network of contacts and relationships in the WikiEducator community
  • tell the world - and your community about WikiEducator!
  • Become a WikiAmbassador ~ it's easy!!

Contribute Your Valuable Skills

There are so many exciting opportunities to use, or develop your skills. Check out roles in our community:

  • Teachers / Educators - formal or informal educators
  • Educational Specialists / Programme Managers - people who want to increase programme quality, reduce costs
  • Instructional / Learning Designers - to validate and improve the quality of the learning activities;
  • News-gatherers / Reporters - who scour WikiEducator for the latest project updates and happenings;
  • Editors / Proofreaders - who ensure that learning materials communicate effectively;
  • Wiki users - who validate the accuracy and quality of the tutorial material.
  • Learners / Students - who provide feedback on the materials;

We also need tech-savvy individuals to convert the draft curriculum into wiki format.

Contribute to a Project

There are a variety of important projects in the WikiEducator community, that we need help with. Indeed, they are vital for the strategic success and long term sustainability of the programme.

They are developed as free content proposals. You can view and modify proposals on the MetaWikiEducator page. Should you find a proposal that you are willing to fund, please let us know.

For information, please contact any of the OER Foundation staff: