e-Learning Maturity Model

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(Comment.gif: take what is appropriate from the eMM site to describe how WE utilizes processes and dimensions)


  • Learning: Processes that directly impact on pedagogical aspects of e-learning
  • Development: Processes surrounding the creation and maintenance of e-learning resources
  • Support: Processes surrounding the support and operational management of e-learning
  • Evaluation: Processes surrounding the evaluation and quality control of e-learning through its entire lifecycle
  • Organisation: Processes associated with institutional planning and management



Capability Levels

Using the eMM may seem intimidating to first time institutions wanting to baseline their capabilities in a "public" forum. Having different levels of using the eMM will reduce any barrier to entry in using this model. The three levels include;


First time mapping eMM capabilities to the institution.


The institution is familiar with eMM and is confident that they can maturely map their capabilities and use the eMM to improve the institution.


The institution is confident in how their capabilities map. And have no hesitation to compare their capabilities to other institutions around the globe.


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