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(Comment.gif: This page needs to STRESS the importance of contributing WITHOUT being the work being measured for quality. We DO NOT want newbies to feel intimidated) (Comment.gif: Trial Statement: We value the contributions of content creators at many levels.) As materials are developed the author(s) should have their work within a contributor level they wish to work. As they improve their works they can request increasing review to the point where their material can become featured and peer reviewed (Comment.gif: find references regarding peer review and quality.)


A tiered quality system
There is a strong relationship between capability (both individual and community capability) and the ability to produce high quality teaching materials. Producing high quality teaching resources requires knowledge and experience of:
  • the subject area,
  • learning design and pedagogy,
  • skills in the use of wiki and other technologies.

In education, quality is more about the process than a product. Most open developments start as a first draft -- the expression of an idea. Through repeated iterations and refinements, and collaboration from the WikiEducator family the quality of individual projects improve over time. WikiEducator's quality assurance and review processes are designed to support these processes of design and development. Wikieducator's approach is to support all educators at all levels of their own capability maturity while at the same time implementing incentives within the community to achieve high quality standards.

Teaching Resource

Draft phase - single author

Does not want QA feedback, so no templates like "needs citation" are placed on the page.

Draft phase - collaborative authors

Does not want evaluative feedback, so no templates like "needs citation" are placed on the page

2nd draft phase

Opening up the resource for community QA input and feedback which then gives "permission" for all sorts of QA related templates to be inserted on the pages.

WE Open Educational Resource (OER)

Meets the general criteria for an OER as defined by the OER Foundation that oversees and funds WikiEducator.

OER Foundation defines OER: "Open Educational Resources (OERs), are educational materials which are licensed in ways that provide permissions for individuals and institutions to reuse, adapt and modify the materials for their own use. OERs can, and do include full courses, textbooks, streaming videos, exams, software, and any other materials or techniques supporting learning."

Ready to Adopt, Reuse, Remix

Creator / creators have completed the resource to their satisfaction. Now they are willing to have others use the resource in other contexts than those for which it was expressly created.

Some resources may have been created specifically for sharing and are not in use by the creator.

WE Featured Resource and/or Collaboration

Optional nomination for featured works

and corresponding community processes which make a decision on this

Peer-reviewed resource

Trusted group expresses a value judgment on the materials.