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Much of WikiEducators approach to quality is being created through a collaborative community model. Discussions have taken place in two primary places; the discussion pages "attached" to wiki pages and as discussion threads within google groups. This page within the quality assurance framework highlights the decisions made from this collabrative approach with reference to the discussion(s). (Comment.gif: This page should be an ongoing summary of the community discussion regarding quality OER content within WE)

Use featured works

During community discussion these first four featured works types were created;

  • Featured Learning Resource
  • Featured Reuse Materials
  • Featured Institution
  • Featured Project

During the initial development of the Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) portal two additional featured work types were discovered;

  • Featured user page
  • Featured contributor

The creation of a fifth works type was born out of further discussion and to align the collaboration levels with the featured works types;

  • Featured Collaboration

Have levels of quality

Utilize maturity models

Institutional Capability Levels

During face-to-face discussions it became important to enhance the eMM so it would be accessible to newbie institutions. The idea of three capability levels emerged;

Page categorization is important