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WikiEducator Blog WorkGroup and its charter



The purpose of this workgroup is to devise ways that WikiEducator can use blogs as part of its overall mission to increase global educational opportunity.

Specified outputs

The workgroup plans to

  • develop proposals for WikiEducator's blog use, including what resources are used to facilitate this. The default presumption is that the workgroup will draft a set of policies and procedures for WE's approach to blogging.

(Comment.gif: intentionally vague, revision welcome)

  • facilitate the contributions and editorial review for sustained publication of the WE Blog as the voice of the WE community
  • promote the WE Blog as a representation of the interests and issues of the WE community

Leadership style

Describe the group's leadership style, how the group functions to ensure its accomplishment of the stated objectives. Indicate the specific responsibilities (if any) of the assigned leaders.

  • One or two assigned leaders: The leader(s) of the group actively facilitate the group's accomplishment of the objectives. For groups convened over a long period of time, a succession plan may be needed. Any name can be used to describe this leadership position: convenor, facilitator, director, leader, manager.... Workgroup: Steve Foerster
  • A small number of facilitators that work collaboratively to oversee and manage the work of the group: This model might work best in a situation where the work is performed by a very large group. Appropriate for the actual blog, so the facilitation / editorial control is shared. WE Blog, WE Newsletter, Terra Incognita

Skills required to achieve workgroup objectives

We are looking for individuals who can contribute any or all of these

  • know what blogging is, and preferably have some experience as a blogger,
  • familiarity with advanced technical aspects like RSS feeds and tagging
  • editorial review experience
  • have something to say about open education

Note: This experience is not a requirement to join, but is knowledge that we expect to develop in pursuing our workgroup objective.


WikiEducators who are interested in how blogging might further our mission may participate in the workgroup.

Member responsibilities

Members of this workgroup agree to:

  • Visit the workgroup page when it is updated
  • Contribute to discussions and draft reviews of the workgroup outputs
  • Aim to achieve consensus on relevant items

Members and signatures

Workgroup members Approval of charter Approval of final output
SteveFoerster 14:01, 5 November 2009 (UTC) - Convener
Anil Prasad 14:12, 5 November 2009 (UTC) Anil Prasad 03:28, 13 November 2009 (UTC)
Valerie Taylor 15:09, 5 November 2009 (UTC)
Abdul Halim 08:43, 6 November 2009 (UTC)
Jesse Groppi 15:56, 6 November 2009 (UTC)
Wayne Mackintosh 02:44, 7 November 2009 (UTC)
To join, add signature code (~~~~) here

Additional workgroup roles

Other responsibilities for additional roles may be added later as circumstances warrant.

Resources to achieve Workgroup objectives

We do not anticipate that financial or technical resources will be required for the workgroup to operate. Depending on what proposals are made, technical resources may be required to fulfill them.

A minor point -- any blogs to be hosted by WE/OERF will have a technical component -- therefore in terms of our Community Workgroup Policy -- we have a requirement to have three folk from the WE tech team signed up as members of the workgroup. There are two ways we can deal with this:
  • Separate the "editorial" related stuff from the techie details or
  • Ensure that we have the minimum techie participants signed up for the group.
I think the latter is preferable -- we have an amazing technical team and they will be able to provide valuable advice on alternatives. --Wayne Mackintosh 02:56, 7 November 2009 (UTC) -- feel free to delete after reading.


The scope of commitment required of workgroup participants is that they participate to the extent practical. The amount of time needed for the workgroup to complete the objectives will depend on how frequently workgroup members participate. Team members are not expected to meet synchronously, discussion will take place by email, Google Group, and on the wiki itself. The scope of this endeavor is limited to defining the relationship between blogging and WikiEducator, and to determining what WikiEducator's approach to blogging will be.

Assuming that this is successful, then the workgroup can continue as the facilitator of the WE blog in whatever form it ultimately takes.

Ground rules (the process)


  • The workgroup will meet via email, the main WE Google Group, and on the wiki, as needed.
  • Since meetings will be asynchronous, if a member has not finished an assignment the other participants will, within reason, await this completion before proceeding.

Editing: The wiki way is for people to do, and then to discuss as necessary. This workgroup is no exception, and participants will be encouraged toward boldness.

Communication: Communication will take place as noted above.

Decision-making: Decision making will be by rough consensus. In the event that this cannot be reached on an issue, the majority will prevail.

The project plan

Current tasks

  • set up workgroup framework
  • formulate the workgroup outline
  • encourage participation through Google group, outreach to WE community
  • identify intended purpose, audience
  • identify possible process options based on review of similar group blog publications
  • discuss and determine appropriate WE blog process to meet the desirable outcomes and best serve the needs of the WE community
  • identify possible blog functionality
  • implement functionality and production process pilot
  • develop policies, guidelines, for contributor and/or editorial practices

Plans will be revised as necessary.

Evaluating workgroup success

The workgroup will have been successful if it drafts a document on blogging policies and procedures that is met with consensus by all participants, or failing that, the approval of the majority of participants.


The process for approving the workgroup charter will be that once all participants have indicated that no further discussion of changes is needed, they will sign the appropriate area indicating their approval of the charter.

Once the charter is approved, Template:Approved charter will be added to indicate to that substantive changes, without prior group discussion and consensus, are discouraged.


Tasks template

from Workgroup:Categories/Tasklist

Priority Skill level No. of Persons Suggested time commitment Deadline
High Beginner unlimited as desired ??
First draft at WikiEducator:Blog/Guidelines
Sign up: Signing up is not necessary
Progress: 5%