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Contact-new.svg Ruth Sherolyn Dottin
Employer:T.A. Maaryshow Community College
Other roles:Chair of Information Technology Department
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Ruth Sherolyn Dottin

T.A. Marryshow Community Collegeg

I love teaching mathematics. At the T.A. Marryshow Community College I am responsible for the Information Technology Department, the associate Degree program.

In that program we have developed a math course for the purpose of satisfying the mathematics requirement of each IT course in the Associate Degree Program. Mathematics For Information Technology.

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As outlined in this course outline:
  1. Critical Thinking.
  2. Algorithms.
  3. Problem Solving.

Some Programming Languages that I can Program In

  • Visual Basic
  • Java
  • C++

Here are some challenges faced in course delivery

  1. Economical
    • Finances for appropriate Math lab materials.
  2. Social
    • Students may not be as receptive when experiencing certain challenges at home.
  3. Administrative
  4. Readiness to adopt to new and emerging technologies.

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