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Water Resources - 2 Types

  • Water resources are of two types, surface water and groundwater. It is important to distinguish between these two, since their quality differs and the methods needed to protect them also differ. The section below briefly talks about these two types of water resources.

Surface Water Resources

  • Surface water resources are about the water bodies which are in direct contact with the atmosphere. For example; Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, Springs and Waterfalls, are all surface water resources.
  • Surface water bodies are also in direct contact with contaminants from landuse. When rain falls over the earth surface, it carries with it any pollutants and part of that finally finds its way into a nearby water body.

Groundwater Resources

  • Groundwater resources are water which are located well below the ground surface.
  • Groundwater are protected temporarily from pollutants by the top soil layer between it and the groundsurface.

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