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Open Source - Otago to Otara

Open Sauce Kitchen

Use the principles of collaboration and openness to set up this space for use by the school and wider community

  • Developing the school administration kitchen as a venue for learning about home economics, food and hygiene.
  • Set up businesses from this area that will be self sustaining - non-toxic cleaners and Fair Trade

School Fair

Quarantine/Kamau Taurua Island - year 7 and 8 camp

Wawa Challenge and 3 Peaks Sand Sculpture Challenge

  • Triathlon and Beach Art and Technology Day on Warrington Beach
  • Term 1 2010 at a very low morning tide

Exploration ICEBLOCK

  • Warrington School's Trisha Korth is heading south to the land of penguins and icebergs as part of a team of NIWA scientists
  • Trisha will be assisting the scientists in gathering information about life under the sea ice
  • We are excited to be joining her on this amazing journey

Artist/s in residence

  • Use a local artist to skilfully repaint our scruffy wooden furniture and tired, multi-coloured classrooms
  • Invite a further local artist to submit a large vision map proposal that:
  1. Covers local school features
  2. Our wider Warrington community features
  3. The Blueskin Bay features that could be used as a school mihi
  4. Shares our Warrington Well-being Way of
    • Envirethical concerns - planet and people
  5. incorporates ideas suggested by the school and its wider community
  • Also seek ideas from artists, community and Board's property person for a school entranceway that:
  1. Is welcoming of visitors
  2. Attracts the attention of passers by
  3. Incorporates the Tikanga of our area

Puketapu Radio Open Source Outpost Idea

  • Warrington Board of Trustee supports this applicationPuketapu Radio hjOpen Source Outpost Idea
  1. To use the skills and technical know-how from Puketapu Radio to set-up an Open Source Radio Station outpost based at Warrington School
  2. Have this available for the Blueskin Community to use for local programmes
  3. Pay for running costs of power and broadband
  4. With provisos that:
    • The aerial poses no threat to health or environment
    • That there is significant interest from the wider Blueskin community to install and run it
    • Will the School's Broadband connection cope with the additional demand
    • To be reviewed yearly

An Envirethical Non Toxic Spring Clean for 350.org

Spring clean Warrington Day    
  • Getting out the "Glad Rags" - children will be shown at school on the 21st of October how to use some of our school made non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner
  • That afternoon go home with a "Glad Rag" (cut up old t-shirt) to clean an area in their house - bedroom, bathroom, kitchen table or under the cat's bowl
  • The following day we have a sharing assembly to hear about what we have cleaned and encourage further cleaning
Goal:To show that we are all capable of cleaning up a little bit of our world 

The senior pupils and parents giving away 350+ recipes of our cleaning products at the Dunedin Farmers Market

Three Peaks Cluster Muster

  • The East Otago School Cluster are hosting an open muster for educational practitioners to explore opportunities and pathways for building a local OER initiative
  • Cluster Muster PosterPDF down.png

Parent Interviews

  • September 2nd and 3rd

L4C and Curriculum Teacher Only Day

  • Monday 24th Of August

Run, jump and throw training

In readiness for the upcoming athletic season
  • Want to learn how to help Warrington pupils become greater athletes
  • Free and fun professional development by a Sports Otago athletics coach
  • Working with teaching staff after school to develop this knowledge into our community


  • Warrington School will be a collection spot for the Warrington Community's broken and unusable computer equipment
  • Equipment will need to be dropped off at school by Friday 12th Of September

Software Freedom Day

  • Join the School in celebrating Software Freedom on Thursday 17th Of September
  1. Learn about software freedom
  2. Learn how to install free operating systems
  3. Learn about free applications
  4. Learn about WikiEducator
  • All day activities at the school with the pupils sharing their Free Software skills
  • Evening workshop starting at 7pm - cost = FREE

Software Freedom Day PosterPDF down.png