Teacher Only Day

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Teacher Only Day - Monday 24rd Of August 2009


Teaching staff to create a shared vision for the school by using the action learning cycle - identifying the current situation, explore alternatives, taking action and reflecting on change

  • Wiki skills - L4C workshop, printout of Wiki cheats
  • Login on Ubuntu suite computers - opening multiple pages in tabs
  • Local curriculum and how this fits with national curriculum
  1. Teacher with responsibility for this area to review
  2. Adjust directly on Wiki - any further changes can be done as required
  • Assessment - linked with each curriculum area
  1. Align with national standards
  2. Listing tools
  • Reflect and write up this years appraisal process

Physical aspects of school discussed

  • Staffroom
  • Classrooms
  • Admin
  • Multi-purpose space
  • Library
  • Outdoors