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  • Telecommuting
    • Working from home using computers, modems and fax.
    • Software such as Microsoft’s netmeeting allow for interactive on-line meetings.
  • Electronic publishing
  • Many papers now provide readers with an on-line multimedia experience.
  • And many web portals
  • Business and advertising
    • Many businesses have a web page to introduce themselves to their customers.
    • Example.
  • Home shopping
  • Teaching & learning
    • Libraries are increasingly recognising CD-ROMs and the web as an important resource
    • Online learning is also beginning to incorporate the use of multimedia as in Flash animations, powerpoint type slides with narration, streaming audio and video.
  • Social Networking
  • In Schools
    • In New Zealand there is no set curriculum in our Framework.
    • We have the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (
    • Student in High School can choose to do Level 2 or Level 4 papers

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