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By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Have an understanding of various webconferencing systems


There are many Internet Protocol (IP) based teleconferencing systems

Wikipedia (2009a)[1] has a count of the number of users


Microsoft Live Messenger

Skype ( )

  • More than 276 million users (Jan, 2009)is a leader in videoconferencing.
  • Users: 309 million (May 2008)

Gmail video and Voice ( )

  • Introduced November 2008 the video and voice capabilities are embedd into Gmail
  • Users:

Dimdim ( )

  • Enables users to deliver synchronised live presentations, white boards and web pages accompanied by voice and video. Runs in a web browser and uses Open Source Software. Also has a Dimdim Virtual Classroom Pack for educational customers.
  • Users:


Has restricted functionality for users. The one I participated in had voice only and no idea of who was online or stats to help create a sense of class.

2011: Webinar Web Conferencing explaining Softchalk in an OER discussion

Panopto ( )

Videos onine

There are services that create videos online

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