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By the end of this page you will be able to:

  • Understand the risks

Risks associated with e-business that might lead to lost opportunities and frustrated customers cover areas such as:

  • Technical
    • E.g. the website is inaccessible for a few days or is too slow, leading to lost opportunities and frustrated customers
  • Economic
    • financial – e.g. the database used to support your e-business costs too much to maintain
  • Legal
    • E.g. your use of a list of email addresses breaks privacy laws.
  • Operational
    • business – e.g. if you sell products directly to customers on your website, how this will affect your relationship with your re-sellers
    • personnel issues – eg what happens if the only person in the business who really understands your website resigns
  • Schedule
    • Can the site be built on time.