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By the end of this exercises you should be able to:

  • Understand the linking capabilities of AS2

Flash CS4 with Action Script 2, has the capability to allow for multiple swf files to be linked. This means that a Flash movie can be made up of several linked movies independently developed by several people.


  • All fla files need to be published as swf files.
  • Use ActionScript 2.0 loadmovie command to link the swf files.

If you want a :

  • CD version compile the first fla file as an exe, or
  • Web Version compile the first fla file as an html/swf.

Put all swf files plus the exe /html, and any external files (e.g. flv, text files) into a common folder.

Then when you want to run the move start the first file.

On the CD the exe file contains the Flash Player so is loaded with the first file, thereafter only the swf files are loaded.

On the Web the Browser loads the html file which calls the Flash Player and the start SWF file. Once a linked (swf) file is selected it is loaded into the browser.

Note: This allows you to create a template, so some of the first file is left when the linked file is loaded (e.g background colours).