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LinkedIn is a large professional network, with over 250 million members in over 200 countries and territories. It helps professionals exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals - Member's profiles can act as an online CV, and professional jobs are frequently advertised on LinkedIn.

EIT Linked in Groups

  • For undergraduate Computing students "EIT Information Technology"
  • For Post graduate students "EIT Postgraduate IT"

A linkedin profile
The LinkedIn HQ (from Wikimedia Commons)


LinkedIn is becoming a sort of modern day business card. Having gone to business functions, networking events, or speaking with colleagues in different offices throughout the country; people are talking about LinkedIn and connecting with the people they have met. No need to keep that folder housing hundreds of business cards, now it is all online! I'd recommend signing up for LinkedIn if you haven't already. It can be a very powerful tool for graduates to use when study finishes. You can direct employers to your LinkedIn page which discusses your achievements, qualifications, and experience.

LinkedIn: the future of the business card? ([1]), [[

Pro networking sites, ‘’, have come up as a respected domicile to meet new employees, employers or clients, reconnect and fortify relationships with friends and former colleagues, and prime most for career building to the beginner into professional world or to get carrier-related advice. As a standardised norms emphasis that the value of any particular site hinges on the number of people using it -- and the quality of those people. It is estimated that roughly more than 20 million people have profiles on LinkedIn. There are some other sites like, are available, but they cater to more specific purposes, even if they have fewer members compare to LinkedIn.

The concern about time commitment, is valid, and shouldn't be overblown, says Barry Parr, a media analyst with Jupiter Research in San Francisco. The more you give quality time in building the profile, more quality result it will generate.It also depends on how much time you're willing to spend making key connections or communicating through the site and building and updating your profile. For an instance, a profile with two connections won't get you very far. Once the profile is developed, with regular time dedicated to the follow-up will fetch great results.

As the time progress the network do progress with additional features and feathers to add on to its’ members cap. These features must first evolve and then adopted assuring its suitability to individual profile.

LinkedIn, for instance, offers service providers a referral feature where they can solicit reviews and referrals from other users. One of the present features called LinkedIn Answers, is a good way to gather feedback from the personnel network about many points pertaining to one’s professional and personal ambiance.

Once you're set up, maintaining your profile often takes just a few minutes each day, but the rewards, will be far going.

What are the Pros and Cons of LinkedIn? Retrieved 13/03/2013, from

One of the benefits of LinkedIn is the ability to be endorsed for skills by professional connections, this reinforces the skills you have listed, however I personally have unchecked the tick box that says 'Include me in endorsement suggestions to my connections', as this feature sends skills that you haven't listed to your network for endorsement. See for 20 Benefits to using LinkedIn. Harper. C, 2015

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Here's an example of a group on LinkedIn which has been created for teachers to communicate with each other, as well as for advertising teaching jobs. It's called the Teacher's Lounge -


Here's an example of Education tools LinkedIn provides for students. They can connect to other students they studied with, or others associated with their Education. Employers may be interested in linking through their study to find certain majors and minors students have specialised in.
Bastionsoundz 23:00, 9 March 2014 (UTC)

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At is a link to the group which "supports K-12 educators in the pedagogical shifts necessary to create strong digital learning environments". ----AHVirtual


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