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Sonya Payne

Sonya Payne ELearning

Sonya Payne


This is my Wiki page.

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Learning About Digital Learning

By the end of this page you will be able to:

  1. Understand how WikiEducator and WordPress can be used as a learning tool
  2. Learn about implications that digital learning technology has on organisations
  3. Understand the infrastructure of technology within organisations

Sonya Payne ELearning WordPress Blog

Visit my WordPress site to learn about Digital Learning Technologies, 4 latest updates also shown here.

Final Reflection
It’s a great feeling to be at the final reflection, which enables me to look back on where I have come from and my journey to here. A big thank you to my family and friends for their feedback during the development of this course, and ...
— sonyatpayne 2016-05-31 07:25:11
QR Code
Last night I put the finishing touches to my poster and added the QR code.  I haven’t used one of these before, although I have heard they are used a lot in the UK and at conferences.  I can see this barcode as being very … &...
— sonyatpayne 2016-05-25 00:50:02
Obtaining images
  Progress has happened this week on my online learning object, ‘Introduction to Painting Distressed Furniture’.  I visited a couple of furniture stores and asked permission to take photos of their distressed furnitur...
— sonyatpayne 2016-05-22 20:35:56
Reflection Report
The online course that I am designing is called Introduction to Distressed Painted Furniture.  My objective is to teach people a little bit about this style of furniture and give them step by step instructions on how to make their own special...
— sonyatpayne 2016-05-17 07:30:30

Other Learning Platforms

I joined Twitter in 2013, and have used this as a learning tool to follow ELearning Guru's who share information about anything to do with ELearning.

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Hi Sonya, just starting an edit section on your page so maybe people will edit your page too :) A.jones A.jones (talk) 20:16, 16 March 2016 (UTC)