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Assessed activity

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6.2: Exploring Cloud tools

6.2.1 Choose one Cloud Tool from Jane Hart’s Top 100 e-learning tools 2011)

6.2.2: In the table below on the Cloud Tools page, enter the Tool name and your name. That way there will be no double ups.

6.2.3 Throughout this week, explore your chosen tool, "take it for a spin"

6.2.4 by Thursday do the following

  • write a review of the tool's function (what does it do?),
  • explain how it can be used for learning or in education,
  • link to two examples of its use (can be your own examples, or two examples you find by someone else)

6.2.5 Add all of your findings to the table below and be prepared to discuss on Thursday

Tools Explored in 2012

Tool Name Your Name Tool Link What does it do? How can it be used for learning or in education? 2 example links
Wallwisher (padlet) Joyce It's a shared virtual post-it board A class can share ideas asynchronously or use it for a brainstorming session What's great about the PLE Conference? 105 Classroom Ideas Wallwisher
Dropbox Moana Brings all your photos, docs & videos from all your different devices together. When you partially complete your assignment on your desktop instead of using a external device to access the document if you are away on holiday or emailing the document to yourself you can use dropbox and that way you will have only one document that is updated not several versions.
Facebook Adrian A social networking service. Not just a social networking site, it provides a wide variety of ways for students and lectures to communicate and share information through notes, comments and even uploading info-graphic images, video and news articles into post messages on relevant subjects in a group page, Even in 1 on 1 situations. Teacher Uses Facebook To Teach History

100 Ways to Use Facebook In Your Classroom

Jing Adam Jing from Free screen capture software - both images and video (up to 5 minutes). Useful for creating small video presentations for classes. The developers of Jing - techsmith - also run an online video website, (free accounts have 2 GB space available) - where your educational videos created using Jing can uploaded. Some educational and business uses of Jing

A teacher's educational videos created using Jing - she's the first example on the previous link

Another teacher using Jing screencasts to provide assessment feedback

Prezi Robyn Presentation software that allows you to pan and zoom around the canvas to visualise your ideas. Can be use in education for presenting ideas, goals, project planning, collaboration, brainstorming and revision. Presentations can be both online and offline. Prezi Educational Community

A quick practise presentation by me :-)

Youtube Tim Video sharing tool. Can be used in education to present educational videos.A wide range of videos with educational value available. Wide range of subjects. Youtube Ed. Filters to grant access to Ed. materials only. Brings lessons to life. Teachers


Glogster Tania Collaberative online platform for creating virtual posters Glogster provides technology for users to create Glogs which are posters that utilise images, video, sound and text. Area School District Review

Garnier Senior High School Review

Read it later Kris Saves websites to the HDD for viewing later Can be used to allow you to prepare for a presentation and show a web page without having to have access to the internet, also can be used as bookmarks, and displays if you have read it or not

LinkedIn Matt A professional social networking service. LinkedIn is becoming a sort of modern day business card. More specifically on the learning front, it allows users to join groups where they can share ideas (becomes an accumulation of ideas and knowledge) - it also has connectivity option with your Twitter account. How to use LinkedIn Connecting to others
Google Docs Neil Office suite and data storage service Collaborative tool for group work or storing documents Using Google Docs in the classroom: Simple as ABC

A Google Doc anyone can edit.

Evernote Dee Remember everything. Evernoteallows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere. - Secret Weapon for writing anywhere

- 10 Reasons why you should try it!

iTunes Grace iTunes is a media player computer program, used for playing, downloading, saving, and organizing digital music and video files on desktop or laptop computers. Allows students to manage their educational content on mobile devices such as iPads, iPods and iPhones. Top 25 Educational Podcasts on iTunes

Apple in Education - iTunes U

Onenote Taha Word Processing Document that allows free form data entry and presentation tool that has multiple options for data organisation Could be used in place of common school books and given how OneNote works where it simulates a binder folder it can easily be used to store multiple subjects in the same book. OneNote Yahoo Presentation

Review of OneNote

Google voice and video chat Mandip [1] Google voice and video chat helps users to connect through google or g-mail Can help connect through gmail Installation of Google voice and video chat PresentationGoogle voice and video chat presentation
Adobe Connect Luke Adobe Connect Adobe Connect is a securable, flexible web communication system used for presentations It enables IT professionals to provide enterprise web communication solutions for training, marketing, enterprise web conferencing, and online collaboration, by providing a variety of features like livecasting and screen-sharing by default. A course being simulcast by Adobe Connect
Storybird Damian A collaborative storytelling tool. You can read stories created by others, create your own stories and share these with others. You don't need to write your stories by yourself and can make stories with others. You also don't need to create all the pictures for stories either and can use pictures made by others. Alternatively you can just create your own art others can use. The Gift of Storytelling.

Uses for storybird in the classroom.

Skype Vinod Skype is an application that turns a personal computer into a telephone. Schools have outgrown inkwells, slates, and typewriters. E-mail, instant messaging, and the Internet have opened the classroom to the world. Skype empowers students and teachers even further by adding features for collaboration, live video, and instant file sharing. [2] [3]

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