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Reflection, Learning Technologies @ EIT

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Assessed Activity 7.1 (2016)

This week you will:

Explore the relationship of learning technologies and pedagogies. Then you will be introduced to an instructional design model that will assist in the preparation of your assessed learning object.
Participate in a mobile enabled field trip

This weeks task is to: Add a post (or two) to your blog and reflect on any issues that surround the use of mobile and digital learning technologies used during the "field trip".

  • Answer the following questions:
    1. Identify the mobile device and operating system you used
    2. If you didn't bring a device to the field trip, explain why not
    3. What issues did you notice when using a device during the field trip
    4. What could be done to improve this experience (focus on the use of technology)
  • Include any photos or media you captured during the tour.

If you attended virtually:

  • Comment on the questions above from your perspective
  • What issues did you notice when using Adobe Connect as the virtual classroom technology

If you were absent during the field trip:

  • View the video recording and comment on the questions above where possible