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Instructional Design and Learning Experiences

Following completion of this activity you will be able to:

  • apply an instructional design process to the creation of a learning experience.
  • evaluate the instructional design process used in the creation of the learning experience.

Activity instructions

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Instructional Design Model - Practical

Group Activity - Assess a learning experience using a design models

Pick a week from this course.

Create an OTARA (use the paper handouts or create one in google docs or in a word document)

    1. Find the learning outcomes for the course and enter into the first column (HINT: Front page of this course)
    2. Enter the context into the second column (Why are you learning this)
    3. Enter the assessment criteria (progressive or project)
    4. Find the activities you do that support the learning outcome
    5. List the resources you have found that support the learning


Sample OTARA

Objectives Theme/Context Resources Activities Assessment

Investigate Online Pedagogy and Tools;
Examine Digital Literacy and Networking Technologies;

  • Learner has created a personal blog following course criteria
  • Learner is skilled in using blog technology to record learning
  • Learner has developed an awareness of privacy issues

Experience in creating and using blogs as a learning technology

Video: Blogs in plain english (3 mins - view prior to activity)

Wiki resources (blogging in 21st C learning) - 30 mins - read prior

Webpage: mins - read prior to creating blog)

Wiki resources: Wordpress features and how to blog (30 mins - read prior to making your first post)

Create a blog using an online blogging platform(15mins)

In the blog:

  • write a personal introduction (15 mins)
  • Add a statement of authenticity(5 mins)
  • Comment on privacy implications(30mins)

Not an assessed activity

Food for thought: The sample OTARA is for a small set of related activities. Can you think of one thing that is missing from the model above that the other models have? If you were to create a similar activity for a completely online course, what additional information or support would you need? (Think about what happens during the face to face time and how does that compliment the online material) How does this activity support the learning in future weeks. What is dependent on this activity being completed and how is this important? You may like to answer these questions later in your blog (not assessed).

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Instructional Design Model - Practical

Start thinking about the final assessment requirements of this course. Using whatever Instructional Design methodology you find suits your needs, start to plan your learning object, or course. Map a broad course outline, identifying learning outcomes, how you will assess student success and make a list of possible resources you will need. This is a working document, so you will revisit this over the duration of this course and modify as required.

Assessed Activity Instructions

Reflection, Learning Technologies @ EIT

VmvIcon Assessed Activity.png
Assessed Activity 7.1 (2016)

This week you will:

Explore the relationship of learning technologies and pedagogies. Then you will be introduced to an instructional design model that will assist in the preparation of your assessed learning object.
Participate in a mobile enabled field trip

This weeks task is to: Add a post (or two) to your blog and reflect on any issues that surround the use of mobile and digital learning technologies used during the "field trip".

  • Answer the following questions:
    1. Identify the mobile device and operating system you used
    2. If you didn't bring a device to the field trip, explain why not
    3. What issues did you notice when using a device during the field trip
    4. What could be done to improve this experience (focus on the use of technology)
  • Include any photos or media you captured during the tour.

If you attended virtually:

  • Comment on the questions above from your perspective
  • What issues did you notice when using Adobe Connect as the virtual classroom technology

If you were absent during the field trip:

  • View the video recording and comment on the questions above where possible

  • Source: Instructional Design Models Activity

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