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Connecting WordPress

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Assessed Activity 4.3 (2016) Adding widgets to your WordPress blog
  1. Add a calendar to your blog

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Assessed Activity 4.4 (2016) Connecting the Wiki to your blog through an RSS feed

You can also allow others to display a summary of your blog using an RSS Feed.

  1. On your user page in the wiki use the RSS xml tag to display your WordPress Blog additions (mine is shown in the next line)

<rss max=4 item-max-length="250"></rss>

A working version is on the course home page (You can copy the code if you want an image and border)

  • Note: The RSS feed will only display things you have Blogged about, not changes you make to pages.. You may need to add some blog posts to demonstrate that the RSS feed is working.

If you are using Blogger use the following

<rss max=4 item-max-length="250" filterout ="id" ></rss>