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Plans are progressing toward the course creation workshop in August 2006. One of the preliminary steps is to have a small group of team leaders meet in Vancouver for an orientation. This takes place from 4 to 7 July 2006.

Following the team leaders orientation meeting, the next step in this project will be to collaborate online throughout July, and when the 14 nominated people to meet in Mauritius. The work-session in Mauritius will run for 3-weeks. During this time, the team will create course content. Once again, through online collaboration, everyone will be able to monitor progress of the team and participate via the Internet. We hope everyone will take this opportunity to be fully engaged.

Collaboration tools

  1. This wiki page on WikiEducator, where all relevant documentation and outputs of the team leader's orientation will be posted. Remember that this is an open wiki and all VUSSC members have an open invitation to add or modify these documents - especially members not being able to be present in Vancouver during this orientation meeting. Bookmark this page for easy access.
  2. VUSSC discussion forum

Documents and resources

Project plan