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What needs to be done?


  • Upload SME bios on the wiki
  • Set up ice-breaker acitivity on discussion forum for boot camp SMEs
  • Assign SMEs to groups
  • Develop learner profiles (eg prerequisite knowledge of learners etc.)
  • "Graduate" profile
  • Develop curriculum outline
    • Course aims and objectives
    • Establish units/sections
    • Determine assessment strategy
    • Learning activities
    • "Media" resource types
  • Evaluation of existing materials - select & identify material for reconfiguration - being done, results to be posted on wiki
  • Select and decide on "pedagogical" template
  • Given the target of 10 notional learning hours - decide on the priority area for content to be developed
  • Develop prototype/representative sample of materials and piloting?
  • Develop boot camp agenda and preparatory materials
  • Publish & distribute dates for the boot camp including how people can participate remotely
  • Dates when content on wiki will be available for review
  • Identify and gather resources prior to boot camp
  • Plan a course evaluation instrument

Note: Items in bold are showstoppers

During the 3-week boot camp

  • Authoring of course material
  • Reviewing course material
  • Implementing refinements
  • Reviewing published material
  • Identifying and specifying resource requirements eg graphics, photos etc.


  • Trialing materials


  • 8 completed notional learning hours of material (First draft, evaluation, revision and DTP)

  • 14 content experts / team leaders
  • 3 support staff (Editing, graphic design, layout)

Development process

  • Day 1: Introductions, discussion of project development plan, basic wiki skills training
  • Day 2: The four SME course teams draft 1 notional learning hour's worth of material - post content on wiki at 4pm
  • Day 3: Review process
    • Morning - each team reviews the work of another team
    • Afternoon - implement revisions and refine pedagogical template
  • Day 4: Complete first revision cycle & commence work on next notional learning hour
    • Morning - complete revisions and refinements to pedagogical template
    • Afternoon - commence development of 2nd notional learning hour
    • Hand over 1st learning hour for publishing
  • Day 5: Complete development of 2nd notional learning hour & commence work on introductory study unit (i.e how to study this course)
    • Morning - Complete development of 2nd notional learning hour
    • Afternoon - Start work on Introductory study unit
    • Upload 2nd notional learning hour on wiki for review
  • Day 6: Review and refinement of 2nd notional learning hour
    • Morning - Review of 2nd notional learning hour
    • Afternoon - Implement revisions
    • Afternoon - Hand over 2nd notional learning hour for publishing

Remaining days to be completed based on the development cycle above.

Table for Workload breakdown of Professional support staff below: Example.jpg


  1. First cycle to implement revisions will require 1 full day's work given the requirement to refine the pedagogical template based on the review process
  2. Subsequent revision cycles are reduced to a half day given the learning curve effect and the refined template