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Planning the Content Development Process

Greetings from VANCOUVER

Day 3 of the Team Leaders’ meeting saw the arrival of Stanslaus Modesto from Botswana. Stanslaus was held up in South Africa for a couple of days. Paul and Wayne started off the morning session and we planned for the day’s activities.

We then were divided into two groups. Team 1 (Elia and John) worked on the planning of the Tourism course and team 2 (Sandhya, Samuelu and Stanslaus) worked on the Entrepreneurship course.

The first task at hand was to sort out the teams. This exercise was a little bit difficult to undertake due to the fact that some participants who are to be involved in the ODL course development have not forwarded their CV to COL on time for the Team Leaders’ meeting.

The teams then went through the template that would be used during the boot camp in Mauritius. Only minor changes were made to the template, we agreed on the template to be used.

The teams then attempted to produce a draft outline of the course. It was agreed that both courses would be of two year's duration. Each of the team worked on a detailed segment of the two agreed courses. A framework of the whole course was also produce to give participants an idea of the course content.

In the afternoon we had a presentation from Dr. Krishna Alluri on Learning for Livelihood. The presentation focused on the different projects COL has going, such as Use of ICT and Environment and Eco-tourism. Members were asked to submit a short paragraph on their needs and requirements in these areas.

Questions / Issues

Who will do what when we go to Mauritius?


People who will be involved in ODL materials development will need to be contacted by Team Leaders. Team Leaders will need to meet when they arrive in Mauritius to agree on the various activities that will be undertaken.