VUSSC/Agenda Jul06/Day4 notes

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This is Friday, the last day of this workshop.

  • We talked about what is required for Mauritius;
  • Existing resourses to assist with job on hand (publications available on the counter);
  • Projector to be shipped over;
  • Stationery to supplied by the University;
  • Access to library confirmed - OK;
  • Request for laptops for the team leaders or all the team members - yet to be decided/approved;
  • It was decided that the template to be used is the COL's one with modification - to be finalised before start of August;
  • For team leaders to provide shedule for the Mauritius 3 weeks workshop;
  • Team leaders to remind members about Visa processing;
  • Talked about the software required for the job in Mauritius eg. eXe etc.

Job for the Team leaders today - Workparty till 11.30am

  • We have to continue with the work left over from yesterday - ie. deciding on a Program outline for all the team members to see on-line, so that they can contribute and made suggestions for a final agreeable outline to work with in Mauritius;(Not yet finalised -better to complete on line within the next two weeks- OK withe others;
  • While waiting to go out for lunch with Sir Daniel, we discussed with Paul again requirements for the Mauritius meeting;
  • Activities for the Wiki - Paul to set up for discussion - Introductions so all members of the teams to use;

Sir John Daniel arrive

  • He asked how we feel about the task ahead - discussion took place for 15 mins;
  • Wayne gave us more insights on the requirements and how it can work (IT);
  • The question of qualification availability raised for this type of program, and it was suggested that its better to leave to individual country/region to decide;
  • Wayne emphasised again the power of the Open movement and its use for need and matched - its mission work - a very fruitful session as far as to see how this concept of teaching & learning works. The secret to the success of this work is in building communities - it is happening everyday;
  • Paul showed e-mail sent to all members encouraging then to co-operate with the pre-meeting activitities.

The lunch at the Seasons in the Park - a beautiful place with lovely garden settings and colourful flowers and a wonderous view of the city and the snowcapped mountains - beautiful place!

We thank Sir John Daniel, and the team - Paul, Wayne, Patricia and Tatiana, not only for the lovely lunch but also assisting us with this training and making us feel welcome to the COL's Headquater.

Thankyou very much. from, Sandhya, Elia, John, Stanley and Samuelu.