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Notes on existing labels and links

These are just initial, spontaneous notes/thoughts...


Needs revision to bring up to date. Have kept but relocated.


In my new proposed box i've replaced Initiatives with the label Projects. The Projects page should then be further organized into different heading like: Content (OERs), Tutorials, Planning, etc. Projects would actually be a page under the Wikieducator: namespace and would list all the projects that are currently going on in Wikieducator. It's possible that this page could also be used for the new navigation link "Browse".

Free Content (OERs)

dropped the acronym for now. not so good to use as a label. Content will differentiate itself from initiatives or project planning.


is an initiative, a project. why privilege at this point?

Funding Proposals

changes name to Metawikieducator...? totally confusing. perhaps just a project within main project category.

Educational Approach

speculative, emergent, sounds a bit prescriptive.

Community Networks

still needed? very little activity or use so far. bit contrived, forced, wiki way? seems quite heirarchical and a bit beuracratic. Like the idea of networks though ... as a space where interests that range across activities, projects, content, etc can use to gather.

Future of WikiEducator

seems out of place.

Planning of Events

COL emphasis. should be part of event itself, which should be listed on Current Events page.


totally hate this category/label but it always comes up! makes no sense.

How to contribute and use content

move to Help section?


Help pages? Kept but relocated.

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