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Contributing to existing projects

Anyone is free to contribute to existing content development projects.

  1. Visit the free content page and explore the existing categories and existing content projects.
  2. If you have expertise or interest in any of the content areas under development please feel free to visit the relevant planning page of the project and join in the development of WikiEducator content.
  3. If you're a member of one of the small states of the Commonwealth, you should visit the VUSSC node and see what content is currently under development.
  4. If you're interested in the professional development of e-Learning practitioners, you should visit the WikiEdProfessional node for current titles under development.

Starting a new content development project

Anyone is free to start a new educational content development project.

  1. Have a look to see of your content development project fits under one of the existing free content categories. If so, please list your project under the relevant category and create a planning page for your project. In other words you will need two page nodes for each content project:
    • The content development page, for example if you want to create a new content project under the WikiEdProfessional category you would use the following syntax to create your page [[/WikiEdProfessional_Your content title goes here/]]. This new page is placed on the relevant content category.
    • The planning page relating to your project, for example [[/WikiEdProfessional_Your content title/Planing/]]. This is a community page used to separate planning discussions from the actual content.
  2. In the event that your proposed project does not fit under one of the existing categories, please feel free to create a new category.
    • From the free content, simply list your new category by creating a new page. For example [[Newcategoryname]]
    • Then list your content title from this new category page node, for example [[Newcategoryname_Your content title]]
    • Remember to create a planning page for your content title, for example [[Newcategoryname_Your content title/planning]]