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Today is 6, February 2023

Hi there! I'm trying my sand box.

First I tried the headings.

Right now I will start using a different heading.

And then for the rest if the page I can utilize the bold, the italic or the underlined formats. Even sometimes a crossed format will be useful.

I can also use the indented text:

                                                 Here it is used with the rich editor, that is quite easy to use, almost like any word proccesor.

If it is needed, it is posible to make bulleted or numbered lists:

  • easy
  • fast
  • simple

Or the same with numbers:

  1. Just click on the botton
  2. Write
  3. Click again

Click again the appropiate button to erase the numbered or bulleted list command.

What if I want to make a numbered  list with a bulleted sub-list?

Like some Mexican States and cities are:

  1. Oaxaca
  • Oaxaca City

      I have found that it is really hard to use the rich editor to combine two types of lists. It is good for simnple ones, but not for complex ones. Let's try with the wiki editor I'm going to switch back to the wiki editor.

  1. Oaxaca
     *Oaxaca City
  1. Puebla
  1. Michoacán


I got somehow what I needed, but not exactly that. I will try again. Right now I'm going to use the wiki editor to make a nested bulleted list inside a numbered list:

  1. Oaxaca
    • Oaxaca City
    • Ejutla
    • Miahuatlán
  2. Puebla
    • Atlixco
    • Cholula
  3. Michoacán
    • Pátzcuaro
    • Morelia

Now, let's see!

Wow! It worked fine!

I see that every time I use a heading I start a new paragraph and a new edit section which is quite convenient.

Let's continue with the nested lists. I'm going to try again with the rich editor but I'm going to highlight the whole phrase before hitting the button:

  1. Oaxaca
  •              Oaxaca City
  •              Miahuatlán
  •               Ejutla
  1. Puebla
  •              Cholula
  •              Acatlán
  1. Michoacán
  •              Morelia
  •              Uruapan

No, it didn't work well. I want something like this:

      1. Oaxaca

               * Oaxaca City

               * Miahuatlán

               * Ejutla

I did that with the shift bar and introducing numbers and dots by hand.

Now the big heading again to start working with links! 

Well. it's time to go on with the practice. Now, a bit on links. 

External links

First I will try to introduce an external link to MY SCHOOL WIKI. It is located in PBWorks and it is free. Last summer I took a free course there and they gave me a wiki with a 100 MB of space and the possibility of enrolling 100 students. The PBWorks space is quite easy to use and my wiki worked fine with my students and their parents. I'm in the process of getting ready that wiki for the new school period!

Internal links

Now I will try to add some links to internal pages. Very useful when working: What_is_free_content and also great to have handy: Main Page and last but not leastWikieducator tutorial

And as I am planning to do a project for 8th grade EFL students about favorite animals, it will be great to have a link for it.

For this project it is really great to have internal links to animals in interwiki links, like jaguar.


I'm going to post my first activity image.

Mi primera actividad             And this is my second activity This is my second activity already sized to 300px!

These are beautiful frogs from Madagascar.

This is my first thumbnail