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My first attempt in using WikiEducator.

Welcome to my page - Live life to the fullest


Hello fellow Wikis',

I’m Kalai Mathi from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'm usually called as Kalai which means Art in the Tamil Language.

Currently I’m in Penang, a beautiful state located in the northern part of Malaysia. It is also known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. I've just joined Wawasan Open University in Penang as a lecturer which explains why I have come to Penang. This is a open distance learning university. For more information you can log on to

Work Experience

I am in the teaching field for about 20 years now and still very much loving it. I don't think I want to do anything else other than teaching. I'm very passionate about imparting knowledge in whatever way I can. My background is in TESL [1], Teaching English as a Second Language. I have worked in primary school, secondary school, college and university mainly teaching English as it is and English for Academic Purposes.

My specilisation as follows:

  1. Reading
  • reading difficulties
  • approacahes to overcome reading difficulties

  1. Writing
  • content writing
  • writing performance

Currently my interest has taken a different direction towards online interactive language learning in English Language.

The Workshop

Learning for content workshop has opened a new horizon in my IT learning environment. I'm very fascinated and enthusiastic about Wikieducator. I've always wondered how do I get to upload materials on the web. I know that one way of doing it is via html, and was not very keen using this method. Now with WikiEducator, it seems so simple and I think I can do wonders with it. For now, I am still at the beginners level, and am still learning how to get around at WikiEducator. Now I feel like I can add on another feather to my hat...ha! However, I must first be able to upload relevant materials on the WikiEducator before I can do that.

The very idea of being able to develop free and open educational content simply blows my mind off, especially when it can be accessed by anyone around the world.

Future Plans

Hopefully I can build a network to have academic discussions pertaining to TESL such as:

  • Research in reading
  • Research in writing
  • Research in online interactive language activities
  • Reading difficulties
  • New ares for research in TESL
  • Distance learning
  • Voluntary teaching
  • Etc

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Discuss current issues on English Language Learning

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hmmm...Feel free to reflect on any issues you have on English Language Learning

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