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At a Glance
Short Name : WOU
Motto : {{{Please give motto, if any}}}
Established: 2006
Chancellor : Tun Dato’ Seri Utama Dr Lim Chong Eu
Vice-Chancellor/CEO: Prof. Wong Tat Meng
Staff strength :
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Other Staff:
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Students Strength: {{{Enrolment with year}}}
Location : Penang, Malaysia
Campus : Jalan Sulta Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang, Malaysia
Website : http://www.wou.edu.my


Mr Ishan Abeywardena, School of Science and Tcehnology, Wawasan Open University, Penang, Malaysia wwwwww

About the University

"Wawasan Open University is Malaysia's first private not-for-profit tertiary institution dedicated to working adults. It is committed to the expansion of opportunities in higher learning and teaching excellence, and plays an active role in the international open distance learning community

WOU uses flexible approaches to make higher education accessible to all - anytime, anywhere. Its self-paced learning environment is specially designed for the convenience and accessibility of adult learners of any age, gender, ethnicity and background.

Funded by charitable trusts, corporations and the public, WOU aims to lower the personal cost of learning and make it more affordable..

Historical Development

<Please provide historical background of the University including its establishment>

Organizational Structure

The Vice-Chancellor is the chief executive and academic officer of the University. It is the duty of the Vice-Chancellor to ensure that the provisions of the University's Constitution and its regulations are observed, and he is bestowed with the powers necessary for this purpose. The Vice-Chancellor shall subject to the provisions of the Constitution, exercise general supervision over the arrangements for instruction, research, finance, administration, welfare and discipline in the University and may also exercise such other powers as may be conferred upon him by the Constitution and regulations.

The Vice-Chancellor is supported by two Deputy Vice-Chancellors who will be responsible for Academic and Administrative functions.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Functions will oversee the deans of three founding schools (namely the School of Foundation Studies, the School of Business and Administration and the School of Science and Technology), the Registrar, the Director of Library Services, the Director of Educational Technology and also the Manager of Publishing.

Deans of the founding schools will be responsible for their academic staff, which consists of associate professors, senior lecturers and lecturers. The academic schools are supported by other academic and administrative departments.

On the other hand, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Administrative Functions will oversee the various departments responsible for finance, human resources, Regional Office management, IT services, marketing, communications, and general services and administration.

Instructional System

We use flexible approaches to make higher education accessible to all - anytime, anywhere. Our self-paced learning environment is specially designed for the convenience and accessibility of adult learners of any age, gender, ethnicity and background. We use digital library, where you can gain access to a large, organised repository of information at any time, night or day. Our Learning Management Systems (LMS) enables learners to use interactive features such as bulletin boards, video conferencing, and on-line discussion forums. We also make full use of electronic communications - email, telephone, radio, audio and video facilities, and television - to support learners in the learning process. Qualified tutors also assist learners during highly supportive and learner-centred tutorial sessions.

School of Studies/Faculties

School of Science and Technology


The School of Science and Technology currently offers five Bachelor of Technology (Honours) degree programmes in the fields of Information Technology and Electronics.

The three IT programmes are:

   * Computer Systems and Networks
   * Electronic Commerce
   * Computing and Intelligent Systems

The two programmes in electronic technology are:

   * Electronics
   * Information and Communications Technology (ICT). 

A course supplement has been prepared to help students select courses in the degree programmes they have registered. Download the Course Supplement (PDF - File Size: 3.62MB)

Graduation requirement: students pursuing any of the Bachelor of Technology (Hons) programmes offered by the School must successfully complete at least 120 or 123 credits as stated making up from the following components, and obtain a minimum CGPA of 2.0:

SST Faculty

Prof Tham Choy Yoong - Dean PhD (Wales), MSc (Brunel), BEng (Hons) (UM)

Dr Ghanshyam Kumar Singh - Senior Lecturer PhD (Optoelectronics) (Delhi Univ., India), MSc (Electronics), BSc (Physics) (Hons) (Vinoba Bhave Univ., India),

Mr Ishan Sudeera Abeywardena - Senior Lecturer MSc (Eng Mgmt), MSc (WEBS) (Brunel), BSc (CompSc) (Bangalore)

Mr Tan Pooi Soo - Lecturer MSc (IT), BSc (Ed) (Hons) (USM)

Mr Rajasegeran A/L Ramasamy - Lecturer Msc (Maths) (USM), BSc (Maths) (Hons) (UKM), CertEd

Ms Khor Ean Teng - Lecturer MSc (IT), BIT (Data Comm & Networking) (Hons) (MMU)

Mr Chung Sheng Hung - Lecturer MEngSc (Artificial Intelligence), BIT (Data Comm & Networking) (Hons) (MMU)

Dr Magdalene Goh Wang Ching- Lecturer PhD, BEng(Hons)(Liverpool).

Mr Chandarasageran Natarajan - Lecturer MSc (Comp Sc), BCompSc (Hons) (USM)

SST Advisory Peer Group (APG)

Dato’ Boonler Somchit Chief Executive Officer, Penang Skills Development Centre

Dr David Ngo Chek Ling Chief Technologist Director, Corentix Technologies Sdn Bhd; Formerly Dean, Faculty of Computer System and Information Technology, Universiti Malaya;

Dato’ Wong Siew Hai Governor, American Malaysian Chamber of Commerce: Chairman, Malaysian-American Electronics Industry (MAEI); Formerly Vice President, Technology & Manufacturing Group and General Manager, Assembly & Test Manufacturing, Intel

Dato' Ir Goh Chye Koon Director, IJM Corporation Bhd; Chairman, Working Group for Construction Projects, Construction Industry Development Board: and Member of the Construction Industry Master Plan Committee

Ir Dr Clarence Augustine T.H. Tee Group Chief Executive Officer, T-Capital Industry Inc (international IT consultants)

School of Business and Administration


Wawasan Open University's School of Business and Administration aims to develop and disseminate business management knowledge to fulfill the needs of the business community. It offers comprehensive business programmes in management, accounting, banking and finance, sales and marketing, and business information systems. The programmes emphasise work-based learning approaches and link business management theories with practice.

In line with the university’s flexible, self-paced learning environment, the School provides flexible course structures that offer broader learning opportunities to working adults who want to study for accredited qualifications or for self-enrichment.

SBA Faculty

Prof Dr Chee Kim Loy - Dean PhD (Soc), MA (Soc) (Michigan), MSc (Stats) (Iowa), BSc (Maths) (Hons) (UM)

Prof Dr Madhulika Kaushik PhD (Consumer Behaviour), MBA (Marketing), BSc (Biology) (JNVU)

Dr Teoh Ai Ping - Deputy Dean DBA, MSc (IT) (USM), BAcc (Hons) (UPM)

Dr Mark Doctoroff - Visiting Senior Fellow DBA (Michigan State), B Comm (Hons), B Comm (U. of Manitoba)

Mr Tee Chwee Ming - Senior Lecturer MSc. Banking and Finance (Loughborough), MIB (Sydney), CFP

Dr Ang Kee Seng - Senior Lecturer DBA, MBA (USM), Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science, BSc (Hons) (UM)

Dr Meng-Keang (Jenny) Neu - Senior Lecturer DBA (Newcastle), MBA (Unitar), BBA (UPM)

Dr Ch'ng Huck Khoon - Senior Lecturer PhD (USM), MBA(Finance)(Stir), ACIS

Dr Saravanan Murugeson - Lecturer DBA (Unisa), MBA (Unitar), B.Ec (Hons) (UM) Ms Serena Kang - Lecturer MBA (USM), ACIS (UK), Diploma in Commerce (Business Management) (TARC)

Mr Prakash A/L V. Arumugam - Senior Lecturer MPA, MEM, BSocSc (Ec) (Hons) (USM)

Mr Fakir Mohamed bin Omar Din - Lecturer MBA, BBA (Hons) (UKM), Cert Ed.

Mr Chong Fook Suan - Lecturer ME (Integrated Logistics Mgmt) (RMIT)

Ms Deehbanjli Lakshmayya - Lecturer MSc (BIT) (Northumbria), BBus (Acc) (ECU)

Ms Loo Saw Khuan - Lecturer MBA (Heriot-Watt), BSocSc (Ec) (Hons) (USM)

Mr Loo Choo Hong - Lecturer MBA (USM), CA(M), ACMA (UK), BPA(Hons)(UUM)

Ms Yap Li Lian - Lecturer MBA (Marketing) (CQU)

Mr Joel Tham Kah Marn - Lecturer MBA (Heriot Watt), B.A. (Fin. Mgt. & Acctg.) (Distinction) (Heriot Watt), currently pursuing DBA in UUM

SBA Advisory Peer Group (APG)

Prof Dr Koh Hian Chye Dean and Professor, School of Business, SIM University, Singapore

Prof Dr Muhamad Jantan Director, Corporate and Sustainable Development Division, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang.

Dato' Lee Ow Kim Senior Consultant cum Company Secretary, Toray Malaysia Group and Toray Malaysia Science Foundation; Council Member cum Chairman of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (Northern Branch); Council Member (Area 16, South East Asia) cum Past President (Malaysia Division), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

Assoc Prof Dr Ooi Keng Boon Dean & Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Faculty of Business & Finance, UTAR Perak Campus, Kampar

Dato’ Ooi Sang Kuang Deputy Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)

Dr Veerinderjeet Singh CPA Australia and Executive Committee Chairman, Managing Director, Taxand Malaysia Sdn Bhd; Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA), Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (formerly known as Malaysian Institute of Taxation)

Dato' Hj Waris Abdul Carrim Executive Chairman, Tanjung Serbaneka Holdings Sdn Bhd and Equarater (Penang) Sdn Bhd; Managing Director, Maritrans (M) Sdn Bhd; Director, PERDASAMA Pulau Pinang and Konsortium Barter Trade Centre Sdn Bhd

School of Foundation and Liberal Studies

School of Education, Languages and Communication

Centre of Graduate Studies

Centre for Professional Development and Continuing Education (PACE)

Learning Support Network

Regional Centres in Kualalumpur, Penang, Ipoh, Johor Baru

Academic Programmes

List of Academic Programmes on offer

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems and Networks (Hons)

Bachelor of Technology in Computing and Intelligent Systems (Hons)

Bachelor of Technology in Electronic Commerce (Hons)

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics (Hons)

Bachelor of Technology in Information and Communication Technology (Hons)

Bachelor of Business in Accounting (Hons)

Bachelor of Business in Business Information Systems (Hons)

Bachelor of Business in Banking and Finance (Hons)

Bachelor of Business in Management (Hons)

Bachelor of Business in Sales and Marketing (Hons)

Commonwealth Executive MBA

Enrolment and Success

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Administration and Governance

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Finance and Budget

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Extension Activities

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International Reach

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Acheivements and Highlights

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External Links

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