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Electrical Principles Course

Kirchhoff's Laws


Ohm's law states that the current passing through a conductor under constant temperature conditions is proportional to the potential difference across the conductor.

Current is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance.


Current is the flow of electrons around a circuit.

  • Its unit of measurement is amperes
  • Its symbol is I


Electromotive force is the force which drives electrons around the circuit

Potential difference is the change in energy levels across the load terminals.

Resistance is the opposition to the flow of electric current.

  1. Its symbol is R
  2. Its unit of measurement is the Greek letter omega

check this wiki website or [1]

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Students should be able to apply Ohm's to

  • series circuits
  • parallel circuits

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Solve the following circuits

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Explain by using examples why current is directly proportional to voltage

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  • As the voltage increases current also increases

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Case Study

Electrical Principles/Upcoming Assgnments

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