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Contact-new.svg Wilson Yule
Employer:Namibia Library and Archives Service
Occupation:Senior Librarian
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"Hey you, what do you want from here?" "Can I help you?," said the big fellow with an angry look. I felt pained in my heart and looking at my small feet -- I felt the world was closing up on me. Never did I knew that I will grow up into myself: a down to earth man, well cultured and mannered. When someone is too poor, noone looks at him and today is my turn to look after myself. My humble beginnings started when I was born and christened the name Wilson Yule. I grew up in different places and attended several primary schools in Harare. I completed my O'Levels at Glen View High School and qualified to enter one of the most prestigious boys school in Zimbabwe, Prince Edward School for my A'Level. My entry to PE school was based on merit.

"Why worry Prince Edward After Form Six?" This is what a lot of boys used to say after passing their A'Levels at Prince Edward School. I went for further studies in South Africa, Belgium and Zimbabwe. I first graduated with a Bachelors in Library and Information Science (BLIS), Diploma in Public Relations, Post Graduate Certificate in Information Management of Water Sciences and Hydrology and a Masters in Library and Information Science (MSc, LIS). My Masters dissertation looked at library networking in Zimbabwe. In 2008, I spurned the offer to study for a Phd since I was not ready for further studies.


- Library and information networking - Consortium building - Environmental information systems - information mapping and modelling - Information management - Cataloguing and classification - Knowledge management


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