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Older Posts

Older Posts

Old links

  • Project management links Project Management page dormant since 2008. Moved content links here to free up page name for OERu development.

Added Pages from OERu Principles of Marketing Course

Micro Course #1

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Micro Course #2

Micro Course #3


  • Is this the right reference to tagging, in the Learning Outputs (i.e., WordPress tags) - "A category or tag for your post using the course tag. (See how to add a tag in Wordpress.)"

Pages to be Deleted

Note - Learning Pathway Name Change

  1. Had to change from PMKT 101 to 101
  2. Noticed spelling mistake in title - "value a propositions" - decicided to rename pages to: value_proposition_lifecycle (more descriptive) - hence all pages in the section are renamed.

101 Referenced Pages

102 Referenced Pages

from Micro Course 3