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Development guide

As you are working on developing activities for your course, consider your needs and expertise. Unless you are jumping right in to a fully online course, consider complimenting your classroom course with technology-supported activities that provide new learning opportunities for your students and engages them in new ways.

Develop the actual activities, using your own content, learning outcomes and online access. Share your experiences. Note your progress in the Course development (Apply) discussion. Suggest ways that you plan to incorporate these tools into your teaching.

Here are some suggestions to get you going. Find ideas and activities that will work for your curriculum. The sky's the limit and you know your course and your students best.


  • Add a quiz with several different question types to your course. Investigate the quiz options and restrictions - time, access, display.
  • Add several assignments to your course that demonstrate the various submission and grading options.
  • Add other activities with feedback to your course.

Enhancing Instruction

  • In your own class, access student profiles and review the information available about student participation and activity within the course.
  • Look at the options for the feature that allows rating of discussion forum postings. Review the online documentation by clicking in the questions mark "?" in the circle.
  • Features and options (Apply) - discuss the breadth of options provided for each function. When you set up an activity, how do you determine what options to select? How do the options support your learning objectives for the activities?
  • For your own course, plan and add activities to address learning modality differences.

Teaching and Learning

  • There are a number of kinds of learning activities that are supported by functions within course management systems like Moodle. We have looked at the core functions - assignments, quizzes, discussion forums, as they apply to the Seven Principles. However, there are several others that are handy to know about. Select one and review the Student information about the one you select.
    From the Learning activities choice, select one of the activities. Review the Student information about the one you select. Did you understand how it works? Is this something you could use in your own instruction?
  • Add media or content to your own course. You may want to start by adding the material as "optional" or a resource to encourage students to spend time exploring the subject.
    Note: California Community College course media must be compliant with all accessibility requirements. This includes captioning for audio and the video.

Open learning, learning objects and readings

..see Resources for Teaching, Learning and Technology