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2020.4.20 revisited - from 2008-2009 document

  • what's in it for me - learning outcomes, student-centered, project-based
  • finding the good stuff - repositories, rating, referring
  • using it in your courses - reuse, remix, redistribute

  • present and future
    • content creation - students as researchers and publishers
    • adoption - collection, repurpose
    • shifting metaphor - sage / guide / host

For an educational practitioner (and a student) there is more usable content than we could possibly need for education, more is good and more will come. Most of the good stuff is already openly accessible and in many instances copy-able! The communication channels around it all are open too --Leigh Blackall

Locating and adopting OER content

  • planning - learning objectives, lesson or course outline
  • content requirements - selection criteria
  • repositories
  • trusted sources, recommendations
  • searches, selection - rating, reviews
  • develop framework - course management system, lesson template
  • weeding and pruning - include, extraneous, missing
  • modify, re-mix, create
  • use - feedback, critique
  • quality review
  • knowledge building, sharing

Case studies

Other issues and learning opportunities

Directories and repositories

  • Directory of Open Access Journals see some titles are under Creative Commons License, others under restrictive copyright licenses

Communities, leadership

Learn more...

Content repositories

  • Zaid Ali Alsagoff gathered all his University learning related OpenCourseWare (OCW) and Open Educational Resources (OER) - an all-in-one (sounds like shampoo!) quick-to-access/find juicy compilation
  • Introduction to Open Educational Resources - A self-paced tutorial about open educational resources as alternatives to textbooks for college teachers. Visitors are invited to actively participate by posting Activity Reflection entries to the course Discussion area. This tutorial has 9 Lessons

Content finding and filtering

Find, refer and connect

  • community of practice - trust, membership, literacy
  • tutorials, workshops - alternatives, innovation
  • practice - tools, repositories, connections

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