Great Technologies List - Summer 2012

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1. Khan Academy ( offers free video lectures on a various of subjects including math, physics, history, and humanities to provide all users with a high quality education. (SK)

2. Google Sites ( allows users to create and share free and easy but rich webpages. (SK)

3. The WebMD BMI Plus Calculator ( gives personal results on six different weight and fitness measurements including BMI, waist-to-height ratio, RMR, healthy body weight range, daily calorie intake, and target heart rate. You can also adjust the information to reflect what your daily calorie intake should be to lose weight. (SK)

4. Mapquest ( allows you to go from any point A to point B with directions walking, driving, riding a bicycle or train. Gives you turn by turn directions. (SV)

5. Yahoo ( this has so many different aspects but is most commonly used as a free email site. It allows users to back up their data to an online source and have access from any computer. It also provides search information, weather, horoscopes, and much more. (SV)

6. YouTube ( as many know you can search all kinds of different videos on this site. It has things for education as well as recreational purposes. It allows users to see rather than just read or hear what is being talked about. (SV)

7. Wolfram ( a super powerful answer engine/ scientific calculator, which is based on the computational platform Mathematica. It can deal with all kinds of math problems, such as drawing 2D and 3D graphs of the function, and solving complicate calculus problems.(JW)

8.The Color Of ( funny site, it can give the color of anything such as the color of "summer", "Thursday" and "random", by querying and aggregating image data from Flickr.(JW)

9. Mint ( A personal financial website which can manage your budget, track daily spending and monitor bank account.(JW)

10. Nurse Advice line ( Receive professional advice from the 24 hours a day. The site gives you a direct line to call. 1 800 249-3619 (lc)

11. Food Pyramid for kids ( Site to teach children the importance of eating right.(lc)

12.Green Technology Solutions ( Helpful solutions for your home, business and transportation.(lc)

13. Craigslist ( Local classifieds and forums - community moderated, and largely free. (VC)

14. Amazon ( Amazon strives to be Earth's most customer-centric company where people can find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online. By giving customers more of what they want - low prices, vast selection, and convenience - continues to grow and evolve as a world-class e-commerce platform. (VC)

15. Expedia ( As one of the world's leading online travel companies, we make it easy to plan your next business or leisure trip. (VC)

16. Yelp ( Yelp contains reviews and ratings from real users. These businesses cannot pay Yelp to alter or change reviews; Yelp welcomes everyone's opinions and weighs them equally. It lists hundreds of shops, restaurants, beauty salon, and all sorts of businesses near you. (KL)

17. ( A great forum for people with questions regarding technology. If you have any problems such as computer infected with virus, trouble with web browser, or change of settings on email account, ask them in this forum and get some answers. (KL)

18. Google Maps ( Google maps is another map site but similar to all google applications has also transferred over to the mobile field. The google maps application provides a free navigation alternative to major carriers.(AA)

19. Starfall ( Starfall is an interactive learning platform for kids and provides animated lessons.(AA)

20. Netflix ( Netflix is dvd delivery service that has branched out into the online streaming category. It has provided this service across multiple platforms and you are now able to watch movies on your phone,tv, and tablet simultaneously (AA)

21. Google Drive ( is a free file sharing and storage service that replaced Google Docs. The account comes with 5GB of storage for free and could be upgraded at a nominal fee. (TN)

22. W3 Schools ( offers free tutorials for web developers and references including HTML3, XML, CSS, JavaScript, SQP, PHP and many others. (TN)

23. Dropbox ( offers free file storage and sharing with other dropbox users. Users are able to share files by specific folders and other users are able to share files with their own friends. (TN)

24. Pandora ( this site gives you the music you want to listen to by allowing you to create several radio stations around the factors of the music you listen to. You can make a station based on artist, a song, an album, or a genre of music. The station will only play song related to the stations parameters that you set. (MM)

25. Kies ( this software is the similar to iTunes but it works for Samsung devices. The Kies support sharing over wi-fi so content can be transferred without having a cable connection. I used this software to upgrade the operating system on my phone from Android Gingerbread to Android Ice Cream Sandwich.(MM)

26. ( is a free dictionary/thesaurus website. It is free to use, and has all of the information of a print dictionary, with the addition of a search function for ease of use. They also offer a translator as well as a Spanish-English dictionary. (JK)

27. Future robotic car( is a driver free economy car. Robotic car is a tiny battery-powered car which doesn’t uses up much energy or space, and they are smart with GPS to plan a route to their destination. (MT)

27. Pixlr ( is a free photo editor that provides users with a large variety of photo-editing tools. It is often used as an alternative to expensive photo-editing software, and has a sufficient amount of tools to satisfy most photo-editing needs. (JK)

28. Zotero allows you to "collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources" with anybody. (JN)

29. Voice Thread is a website that allows you to share uploaded images, documents, and videos, where your viewers can comment by "using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam)," making education more accessible to people with different abilities. (JN)

30. ebay ( offers users to sell and buy used or new items. Items can be sold through auction style or "Buy It Now" options. (KA)

31. Codeacademy ( offers free lessons on how to write code, which can be used to write web apps or mobile phone apps. (KA)

32. Pocket ( allows you to put articles, videos, and almost everything into Pocket and save directly from your browser. And you can later view it from your laptop or phone and anytime and anywhere. (CW)

33. Evernote ( allows you to save everything, your ideas, things you see and hear. And you can access it from PC or any mobile devices, anytime and anywhere. (CW)

34. Slickdeals ( A website devoted to finding the best deals on anything ranging from electonrics and clothes to cheap hotels. (JV)

35. Monster ( A website to helping you start your career or just looking for a job. Has advice on helping you with your resume, interviews, strategies with looking for a job and many more. (JV)

36. Hulu ( This website allows you to watch shows and movies online (NN)

37. Mediafire ( This website enables you to upload important files and download them on other computers via a cloud service. It is similar to Dropbox and it is infamous for users downloading and sharing full music albums. (FM)

38. Half ( A subsidiary of eBay, a computer user can find their music, video, book, and video game needs for extremely good prices. Highly recommended for finding and buying textbooks, new and used. (FM)

39. Youtube Stem cell biology news ( Tissue engineers aimed for growing human tissue and replacing or repairing muscles and, someday, even limbs. (MT)

40. "Google Earth" ( This site allows you to view different areas, homes, and streets in real time.

41. "Zillow" ( This website is used for estimated value for homes for sale, mortgage rates, and rental property information.