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6. Work

Computers and technology are having a significant impact on work and the workplace. Thousands of people are working in jobs that did not exist ten years ago. Other jobs have changed dramatically.

The workplace has changed as well. Some jobs have moved to other countries - programming and call center support, without customers being aware of the shift in many cases. Some of these changes are for the better, some not. We will look at a number of situations this week.

  • Video: David Weinberger - Internet and Society 2007
    An interesting speech about technology and society delivered by Mr. David Weinberger from Harvard University.


In this module, students

  • consider the impact of computers on work
  • experience video presentation and evaluate the effectiveness in education
  • understand the special needs of people with disabilities when using media
  • use the web as a research resource
  • understand the fundamentals of working collaboratively
  • discuss the educational uses of recreational technologies
  • experience group project organization and planning

Study Guide: Work

These notes are guides to reading and studying this chapter of the textbook. For the textbook reading for this module, here are some questions to get you thinking about the important concepts and information.

  • How are computers changing jobs and the nature of work? What jobs have not changed even though technology might help them? What jobs would not exist without computers?
  • Can you think of some new types of jobs that will exist in the future that do not exist now because they need technology that does not exist yet?
  • What do you think of the idea of telework - you do not have go to a particular place to work? Do you like the idea of working from home or anywhere else?
  • Do you think employers should monitor their employees? When might it be ok?
  • What are some of the health problems associated with technology jobs?