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This was a first draft of a Service Learning Project outline. I think this is too difficult for students complete as 12 hours of community service. The level of technology sophistication required to even understand the requirements and figure out how to do the work is beyond the scope of a general education class. That's not to say that a few students in my class might actually be able to do this. The tasks are not specific enough. The tools are not in general use. Support is not easily available. --Vtaylor 15:55, 24 May 2008 (UTC)

Create content for One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)

Create and contribute quality educational content to the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project

Learn about the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project

Consider the implications outlined for the free content licensing. Content developed for the Service Learning Project must be in compliance so it can be "donated" << link to actual license info

Read the article Contributing content outlines the process for creating and contributing content

  • Texts – stories and poems; textbooks, workbooks, how-tos and lab manuals;
  • Reference works – encyclopedias, dictionaries, maps and atlases;
  • Images – symbols and fonts, blueprints, sketches, photographs and art;
  • Multimedia content – animations, audio books, songs and audio recordings, videos;
  • Software – games, tools, scripts, simulations, self-assessments and interactive tools

Educational ideas basics of education, some basic medical and agricultural knowledge, preventing disease through hygiene, preventing drought from irrigation, and preventing hunger


  • content must be original, not someone else's copyrighted content

Before you create content consider the following

Choosing image formats

Create some content

  • proposal / action map
  • content

Request for content form for content donating -

Suggested topics for service learning projects

  • Electricity for village schools
  • Internet for village schools
  • Jobs for graduates and for older students
  • Lots of translation work
  • Lots of testing and bug reporting
  • Management issues such as communicating with volunteers
  • Figuring out what a real education might look like when there is no shortage of educational content or software

Learn more...

  • Ideas for non-OLPC educators if you understand this, it might be another way to make a contribution - write notes, explain the process, describe how to use this, suggest educational activities using these technologies