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Student Guidelines :: Project Proposal and Summary

Serving in the community and connecting academic learning with life experiences are important themes that are receiving considerable attention these days. We have a new program to offer Community Service Learning credit along with academic credit for our courses. As one of the early adopters AND teaching an entirely online course, these guidelines are applicable to the WikiEducator community. I am including my resources and observations here in a sharable format with global distribution. How cool is that!

In planning the Community Service Learning project for my online class, these topics needed to be addressed.

  • student learning outcomes
  • community partners / agencies
  • assignments
  • monitoring
  • reflection and feedback
  • assessment

We are exploring providing community service learning experience to online communities.

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Student projects

My students are lower division taking a general education credit course called Computers and the Internet in Society.

Projects for students' participation

  • identify as open to student participation, contributions
  • linked, easy to find
  • benefits to recipient organization of work, use that will be made of student work
  • include instructions about work to be done
  • work can be done by students

SLOs - Student learning outcomes


learning objectives and outcomes

required elements

Community partners / agencies

Finding organizations with projects suitable for online community service learning, is an ongoing project.

  • project service selection criteria - all work online, "volunteering" is managed through or by the organization, training or guidelines provided, work units appropriate for student time commitment
  • institutional partnerships - developed by the college for in-person community service learning
  • instructor relationship - reviewed online opportunities
  • screening student-selected organizations - same criteria as instructor selected


relating service to curriculum

student preparation

college requirements for credit and articulation


Community service learning student guidelines


time sheets, work logs

product or deliverable

agency supervisor report

Reflection and feedback

prompts for reflection to help students connect service and curriculum

student observations about community agency

feedback from students to the community agency

ongoing participation

surprises and unintended consequences





Community Service Learning Project Proposal / Summary

As this is a new program, we are looking for suggestions that can be used to streamline the process to accommodate many more students participating in Community Service Learning Projects.

Let me know if you have any questions about these requirements.


As it happens

--Vtaylor 15:39, 24 May 2008 (UTC) workshop yesterday - new program in place with resources, community partners, course schedule official designation for fall 2008, community service learning hours will be included on students' transcripts, lots of other higher ed community service learning credits awarded / required including SJSU and SFSU

This is a powerful concept and very relevant to our work in WikiEducator. What kind of things does the community service learning curriculum plan to cover? --Wayne Mackintosh 15:45, 24 May 2008 (UTC)

--Vtaylor 05:27, 27 June 2008 (UTC) see Community Service Learning presentations