Introduction to Catalyst for Students

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Catalyst is DeAnza College's installation of Moodle

Note to CIS2 Students

If you need help, review the Editing help (opens in a new window).

You are writing the student guide to Catalyst. You don't have to write it all, but all contributions will be helpful to other students taking courses in Catalyst. This is a wiki, so once you are registered, you can edit this page. Add information in any or all of the sections in the outline below. Add information that you wish you knew on day one.

The suggested outline for Introduction to Catalyst for Students includes the major functions used in the CIS 2 course. There are lots of other functions, but these are the ones that are used most.

This is a suggestion and a place to start. This guide is for students, so you are the best judge of what students REALLY need in an introduction. You can change and expand the contents as you think is appropriate.

Think about what would have been really helpful to you in the first week of class. Then make sure that's included in this guide.

Add pictures, screen shots (small ones).


Getting around






Other functions