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CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society SUMMER 2008 Final Projects

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07/31: Pick your individual Section Topic

08/01: Complete all major research on topic

08/03: Complete your section for review

08/04: Introduction

08/04: Conclussion

08/05: Final Edit

08/06: Project submitted for grading.


Here you will learn about ebooks and one project in particular that is making ebooks more of a reality. Project Gutenberg is a group that are taking their time in putting books online for free public viewing.


  • Haris: Researcher
  • Manuel: Team Coordinator, Tech Wiz, Editor
  • Qi: Researcher
  • Tatyana: Style Coordinator, Content Manager
  • Tiffany: Project Leader, Editer, Wiki Tech


The Essence of Project Gutenberg.

Convenience & Worldwide Increase in Technology

Current Trends and Future Directions of ebooks

Decline of Literacy & Budget Constraints

Ebooks and Their Future


Now that you have read about ebooks and our new future with literature more needs to be done to continue making books readily available online. So that amazing groups like Project Gutenberg can stay around and help bring reading into the future.