Convenience & Worldwide Increase in Technology

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Convenience & Worldwide Increase in Technology

Convenience & Worldwide Increase in Technology Relating to Ebooks Ebooks have completely revolutionized the way people in today's world read, and are now used in homes, businesses, and schools worldwide. Ebooks have been successful because they are much more convenient to use, and access than traditional books, and fit right in with our worldwide increase in technology.

The first reason why ebooks have been so successful, is because they are extremely convenient to use. According to Ebooks Corporation, ebooks have done so well, and will continue to thrive, because they are simple and easy to use. Just like a regular book, you can use the programs featuring the ebook to highlight sections you like, bookmark pages, and add comments. You can even use the search feature, and type in key phrases or words, to find a particular part of the book without having to search for it page by page. Also, if you are interested in reading a book, rather than having to go out to the store and purchasing it, or possibly even having it be sold out, you can quickly go online and purchase the book, and have it available and ready to read in minutes! You can also save on electricity because the ebook devices come with a backlight that you could even read in complete darkness.

The second reason why ebooks have been extremely successful is they fall in line with the increase in technology that is currently happening worldwide. Not only can the devices that read ebooks programs read convert books into this easy-to-use format, but they can also convert newspapers and magazines as well. You can also save all of your books to one device, or delete them if you no longer need them, and access them at the click of a button without actually having to carry dozens of books around with you! Some devices, such as the Kindle, can hold up to 200 books on one memory card, and memory cards can be switched out easily, meaning that you can carry an infinite amount of books with you, that would all fit in your pocket! Everything in technology is becoming more compact, and yet holding more information, and the ebook technology is in this category.

In conclusion, I believe that ebooks have become, and will continue to be, extremely successful in the technological field because they are very convenient to use and access, and keep up with the ever growing range of technology that is available worldwide.


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