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CIS2 course outline

2013 Fall

  • Could Be Better - Assignments are not clear

Thanks - appreciate your feedback. What are the problems with the assignment descriptions? What would make these clearer? Does the lack of clarity prevent you from completing the assignments? You have asked some questions. Do the replies provide the clarification you need? ..vt

New for Fall 2013 #cis2f13 - tweet

  • inquiry / design - own project
  • podcasts - Audacity - usb microphone / adapter
  • Animoto - video from pictures, text, music
  • Gift of Fire 4/e - review copy 7/15/2013 ? optional
  • textbook - poll, discussion - need, want, skip, keep after course, resell, rent disgital
  • Scratch - programming - check out and review 3 or more - checklist, modify 1 or create your own
  • projects - trailer presentations for each topic - Powtoon - animation, Tarheel - picture book, slideshow with pictures, text, music
  • Rule of Three -- a three-member team means each team has three relationships being negotiated. I made that change in my classroom and found that teams of three became units able to function at a higher level more quickly, and they really needed each member present to make it work. Three students gave them enough variety of experience and ideas to sharpen their creativity and enable outside-the-box thinking. Also, it was easier for me to devise tasks and deliverables that gave each member something meaningful to contribute. ** rubric - assessment > guide work, expectations, outcomes

  • from Flexible learning

A list of study skills required by tertiary students have been prepared by members of the Association of Tertiary Learning Advisors of Aotearoa/New Zealand (ATLAANZ). The full list is available on their Resource site. For example:

Referencing in APA format is required when you are referring to material that you have been reading. This is called citing. The following links take you to some useful resources to help with referencing.

  • The Purdue Owl APA Referencing Guide has all the information you need to produce APA references and is clearly explained.
  • Citation Machine is a great website that takes you through all the steps of adding the information required for a reference before producing the formatted reference for you. You can then cut and paste it into your document. Very handy.

Cal Poly faculty notes

  • What do you mean by _____?
  • How is this related to ______?
  • Could you give an example of _______?
  • What is the evidence of _________?
  • Could you explain your reason for ________?