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Activities for learning Spanish using Minecraft

Where ever possible, students speak Spanish while working on these activities. The Spanish language Minecraft tutorials are a good resource of Minecraft-specific vocabulary.

Mi Casa Ideal

For Spanish 1 - the students make "Mi Casa Ideal". They will make their own houses and label things in them and they will have to label at least 10 items in their houses and add like an extra 5 or 10 for extra credit.

Learning outcomes

  • learn everyday items in a house and be able to memorize their vocab by living with it everyday
  • use Spanish to work on Mi Casa - discussion, problem-solving, vocabulary for working together
  • learn and use Minecraft-specific Spanish vocabulary
  • learn and use Spanish terminology for computers and information technology


  • in creative mode
  • use any material they want to build a house
  • use signs as well to label their items in their houses
  • know how to put blocks down
  • labels - put them down and the typing comes up automatically


  • Spanish 1 Area - create a big landscape in an area of the map. We then took fences and divided up 64 areas in the big area with a 7x7 block area. Each of these areas is then specified with a sign of a name of a student in Spanish 1. So each student is given that amount of space to build their own ideal house. They can build up or down however they choose.
  • sample video of how the students will work on their projects


  • review Spanish vocabulary for houses, furniture, building materials
  • review Minecraft skills and Spanish vocabulary - view tutorials
  • build houses and label contents - each student completes their own house, but work in small groups in Spanish
  • make lists of new Spanish words - needed, discovered
  • visit houses of other students, get ideas for improvements
  • update your house - make additions, modifications
  • in Spanish, describe your house and the building process

Nice to have

  • advanced Minecraft skills - set up the Spanish Area, build examples of houses using variety of building techniques
  • activity tutorials - specific to class resources - server, map, transportation
  • Spanish 2-4 students with Minecraft skills and/or related Spanish vocabulary available to work with Spanish 1 students


Learn more...

  • Minecraft Wiki - Spanish
  • tutorials in Spanish
  • Minecraft Spanish language forums
  • Spanish dictionaries
  • Spanish online magazines - houses, interior design